Hello...I love how my career of 30 years has taken me through an amazing journey. My passion for hair has helped me to create a photo journey over time. To be able to look back and see where you started out with your hair is so exciting. It's nice to look at your before and after pictures to figure out together where to add more volume, take areas shorter or to create a whole new look. Have you never been able to grow your hair long or think it just to fine or to chick to do anything with it... well let's start now! I am able to use my dry cutting abilities to achieve this. My formula is only 4 haircuts... every 8 weeks. For most people, you can gain 4 inches or more in length. I believe a great haircut is able to be air dried and look amazing if you don't have the time to Style! Have you ever been handed a mirror and not really been able to see a vision? When taking a picture of all the views of your hair... you are able to see how others see you! Please take a look through my photos to see how I have helped others. I look forward to meeting you!!! Please come in for a free consultation to start a great hair relationship together!
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